Lennie Moore – Composing for Video Games Workshop – Dec 11, 2005

On December 11, 2005 at Valley College, over 80 members and non-members came together for an exciting workshop given by composer Lennie Moore, composer for games scores such as Outcast, Lord of the Rings: The War of the Ring and Plague of Darkness. The subject was “Writing for Video Games”.

This wasn’t your normal workshop though! Lennie took us from start to finish through the process of getting the job, the technology involved, how to use it, how to deliver it and all the aspects of technique and composition particular to game writing in between. All those fortunate enough to attend learned a whole new world of terms and technology.

As an added bonus, through Lennie’s generosity, attendees were able to take home the entire score (In MP3 and Acrobat Files format) for the orchestral score from the video game Outcast! Everyone who attended had a great time and Lennie got a wonderful and heartfelt ovation for his wonderful presentation.

“Writing for Video Games” was only the first in our series of workshops for composers in today’s technologies and gigs.