Gene Cipriano Luncheon – October 20, 2010

20 October 2010

Gene “Cip” Cipriano is one of Hollywood’s most recorded musicians … he has played in all but three of the Academy Awards Shows since 1959! Working with many of the greatest musicians and recording artists over the past 50 years, Cip’s impressive career embodies recordings with Henry Mancini, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, Rosemary Clooney, Miles Davis, John Denver, Lionel Richie, —to name a small few.

He has worked on hundreds of films and television recording sessions including memorable series such as Peter Gunn and feature films with Hank Mancini including Days of Wine and Roses, Charade. Hatari. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, One from the Heart, The Wiz and Ratatouille. Gene was a part of the Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra around 1967 when Frank Zappa recorded the orchestral parts for Lumby Gravy.

Until a few years ago he had remarkably never made a solo album. Recorded at Capitol Records with an ensemble of all-star players, FIRST TIME OUT was a first-class collection of American standards, swing and jazz tunes showcasing Cip’s mastery and versatility on a variety of reed instruments—including tenor sax, clarinet and English horn. The all-star list of collaborators included pianist/arranger/co-producer, Tom Ranier, along with horn players Gary Foster, Dan Higgins, Sal Lozano, bassist Trey Henry, drummer Ralph Humphrey, trumpeters Warren Luening, Rick Baptist, trombonists Andy Martin, Charlie Loper, Dick Nash, guitarist Greg Poreé and Concertmaster Endre Granat. Arrangers on the album included Hollywood luminaries Sammy Nestico and Dennis McCarthy.

He’s worked with them all –so join us October 20th and bring your questions. “Cip” has stories…. And lot of answers!!!
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