Woodwind Concert Review by Trustin Howard

Last Sunday I was invited to a most Wonderful Affair Hosted by ASMAC (American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers). They are the ones who supply the Musical Background which Bolsters the Impact of the Movies and TV Shows we watch.

Sunday’s Affair had a Group of Composers having their Compositions Played by a Marvelous 5 Piece Group of Musicians Playing Chamber Type Music to bring their Musical Creations to Life. The Music seemed very Descriptive, the Type that I believe that would have made Walt Disney very Proud. I saw Little Red Riding Hood Walking Hurriedly Thru the Forest. I Skipped thru the the Meadows with Hansel and Gretel, and I was Once Again Frightened by the Big Bad Wolf who wanted to Blow My House Down. I also, saw one of the Young Composers Undoubtedly say, “Damn the Protocol” and Jump up and Lead the 5 Pieces with his Fantasy Baton.

However, ASMAC’S MAGIC Doesn’t Stop There. Once a Month they have a Luncheon Honoring the Musical Giants, Those who are Well Known, and Those Whose Music is Better Known than their Creators. I believe that of the Great Examples of what Music Means to a Movie is the Song, “Laura”.

The Pairing of the Haunting Theme of “Laura” plus the Quiet Beauty of Gene Tierney made the Song and the Movie Both All Time Classics. I never fail to watch it on Turner Broadcasting, it plays quite often. And Yet, these Musical Geniuses are the most Humble Group of People I have ever met, almost forced to take Bows for Their Greatness.

So the next time you watch a Movie or a TV Show, Listen for the Music, and You’ll have a Better Idea of the Wonderful Group that Provides It.

ASMAC Oct18 Woodwind Concert