Ode to ASMAC by Jeff Lass

When I joined ASMAC 20+ years ago, I had very little idea of the big music world outside of my own life and the people I already worked with and knew. The various events I’ve gone to, the people I’ve met over the years, have introduced me to a  thrilling cast of  varied individuals from the professional world of music.[emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

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Jeff-Lass-Board-of-DirectorsI don’t remember how or why, but 10-12 years ago at a luncheon, I actually sat right next to Herbie Hancock who was incredibly sociable, likable, and to me, memorable. He was incredibly sociable, likeable and to me, memorable. I listened to Johnny Mandel when he was honored at the Golden Score awards. I now knew what he looked like, and when he was walking across the mall where I was playing piano at the time, I played “The Shadow of your Smile” which I now knew he had written (along with the theme to the TV show “Mash”); and he actually came over to exchange a quick greeting.

Another accidental seating was next to Chris Young, who at the time I had no idea who he was, and then I googled him and realized that he had done this incredible creepy music to a couple movies I had seen. Finally,  I had seen this great little movie called “Little Voice” and years later, there was John Altman, who had written the score to “Little Voice” up on the stage in three dimensions, twenty feet away.

Multiply these four experiences by many times, and you get an informal sense of how being an ASMAC member allowed me to become aware of, mingle with, even have different levels of friendship with many of the members of our musical community. Most of the members of ASMAC are not only professionally and artistically successful, but they are purposely accessible and supportive human beings.

Being a part of ASMAC has greatly enriched my life, both personally and as a member of our greater musical community.


• A pianist, music writer, arranger, and performer.

• Wrote and Co-wrote songs sung by Madonna, Ice-T, Patti Austin, Darlene Love, Brenda Lee, Laverne Baker, Taylor Dayne, and Joey Travolta.

• Scored 15 low budget movies starring Tyne Daly, Ed Begley Jr., George Clooney, James Russo, Brian Austin Green, Jeff Fahey, Vanity, Daniel Baldwin, Lee Majors, and more.

• Scored PBS series, “Voyage of the Mimi“, 5 years of “Discover the World of Science” and many “Nova” episodes.

• Recorded with and/or performed with Sally Kellerman, Paul Williams, Lamont Dozier, Corky Hale, Laverne Baker, Taylor Dayne, Patti Austin, Patty Smith, David Somerville, Ice-T, Linda Hopkins, Brenda Lee,  John Raitt, Mimi Farina, Jeff Baxter, Sid Sharp, Jimmy Haskell, Abraham Laboriel, Paul Jackson Jr., Rudy Vallee, Alan Cummings, and more.

Contact Information:
Phone: 818-487-1326
Email: jefpatla@att.net

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