First WEDNESDAYS Highlights (01-06-16)

First_Wednesday_IMG_1730ASMAC’s 1st “First Wednesday” series began with an exciting night of John Barry’s James Bond music presented masterfully by ASMAC vice president Charles Fernandez on Jan 6, 2016. It was a dark and stormy night but well attended by more than 40 enthusiastic ASMAC members and guest. ASMAC vice president Gayle Levant kicked off the evening festivities with an overview of the “First Wednesday” ASMAC series then reflected on her time spent working with John Barry.

First_Wednesday_IMG_1725Gayle shared some fun information on Barry’s great composing, conducting technique, warm personality and seven days Somewhere In Time scoring session. ASMAC president Kim Richmond continued the opening ceremonies with a warm welcome and announcement of upcoming events followed by an introduction of Charles “Chuck” Fernandez. The audience was then treated to an in depth history of John Barry’s music for James Bond starting with Barry’s early years as a band leader and how it influenced his later writing for the James Bond scores.

First_Wednesday_IMG_1740There was a 40 page handout with examples and description to accompany a well organized audio visual program enthusiastically presented by Chuck. Following a break that featured cookies, chips and apple tea; Sylvester Rivers gave a warm 3rd quarter introduction and announced that the great Pete Myers will be featured at an ASMAC master class to be held on Saturday January 30th at 11 AM. Chuck continued with delivering more fascinating insight and technical analysis of John Barry and his James Bond scores.

First_Wednesday_IMG_1736The evening was topped off with the 2015 James Bond Spectre Trailer as orchestrated by Charles Fernandez. A score was made available to attendees for perusal. The 2nd ASMAC “First Wednesday” event will be held on February 3rd featuring a panel of music preparation experts. Check the website for more information.

We look forward to having you join us at our next “First Wednesday” event on March 3, 2016!