Scott Healy Luncheon

Scott-Healy-5ASMAC was thrilled to host composer, producer and keyboardist Scott Healy at our March 16th Luncheon.  Scott gave the audience an overview of how he arrived in Los Angeles – from the beginning as he learned to play the piano, through his musical education mostly classical, and his gig work in New York, prior to joining the CONAN band.

Scott has been impressed with the support, talent and flexibility of fellow musicians here in Los Angeles since he arrived in 2009 with “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien,” and now “Conan” on TBS where he plays keyboards for the Basic Cable Band.

Scott maintains a pretty busy career and continues to write at a feverish pace it seems…. he played three different pieces for us, including a big band arrangement for the 2001 Rick Martin hit “She Bangs”.   His varied career includes arrangements and scoring credits for film, tv, symphonies and ensembles…  Christina Aguilera and other artists.. and a recent commission for an extended jazz work which will be performed in June of this year.  Some in the audience didn’t know that Scott also organized and leads the Ellington Study Group Los Angeles, which is an informal workshop for jazz composition and theory and he answered questions on the group.

A very enjoyable day — and ASMAC thanks Scott for making time to be with us.