Podcast: Russ Garcia Luncheon, June 2007

This ASMAC Luncheon podcast features trumpeter, bandleader, conductor, composer, arranger, songwriter, Russ Garcia, who has done it all and has enjoyed every minute of it. Garcia began his remarks from his repertoire of one-liners, “I’ve never worked a day in my life. I write music and they pay me for it.” Now 91 years and living in Kerikeri, New Zealand with his wife Gina, he said he dreads picking up the Overture these days because all his friends are mentioned as recently deceased and he fears that one day he’ll open up the “Overture” and find his own death notice there. “I worked with so many wonderful people in my life.” Garcia was witty, animated, unpretentious, yet a bit sardonic, as he regaled us with one story after another. (Learn more…)

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