Podcast: First WEDNESDAYS – with Patrick Williams

On April 6, 2016, The American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers was very fortunate to have multi-Emmy and Grammy award winning arranger Patrick Williams speaking at ASMAC’s First Wednesday event.

The subject for the evening was conceiving a big band arrangement. Instead Pat took the evening into a heartfelt and personal direction. He discussed his work on Frank Sinatra’s final recording project, Sinatra Duets and Sinatra Duets II for Capitol Records. Pat talked about having the original charts by Nelson Riddle, Billy May, Billy Byers and Quincy Jones in his hands and the responsibility he felt to maintain their high level of writing and musicianship. These recordings were done in Capitol Studio A, where Sinatra recorded most of his hits. The success of the Duet albums lead Capitol Records, with a nod from Sinatra, to have Pat record his Sinatraland Album, a big band tribute to the music of Frank.

ASMAC is delighted to be able to share that evening with you in this podcast. Click here to learn more about this First WEDNESDAYS event.

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