First WEDNESDAYS with Jack Smalley and Perry Botkin Jr. at Local 47

Our June 1, 2016 First WEDNESDAYS, featuring Jack Smalley and Perry Botkin Jr. at Local 47, was a wonderful event. Jack and Perry were super! A packed house and lots of great stuff starting with a great intro from legendary composer-guitarist Don Peake. The evening included stories about Jack’s early years in Europe, days writing music for TV, through toolbox stuffings for those who were lucky enough to attend. Topped off with a surprise visit by Jack Smalley’s son, noted arranger, Scott Smalley who took some turns asking his dad questions and showing a lot of love and respect for his awesome dad.

The event also included four amazing film cues of Jack’s with the scores to review proceeded by Jack’s in depth explanation of techniques used to compose them.

A great time for everyone !