Steve Porcaro Luncheon

Thank you, Steve Porcaro, for your candid interview in June, in which you shared your creative process of writing, your life, and your work. With your new solo album about to be released, “Someday, Somehow,” and your upcoming tour with Toto, we were lucky to have you with us.



Known for his prolific session work, Steve co-wrote “Human Nature” on Michael Jackson’s Grammy-winning album, “Thriller,” solidifying his individual mark on the music industry. Steve has worked extensively with music producer icons Quincy Jones and David Foster, and many of music’s most successful artists, including Don Henley, YES, Elton John, and Boz Scaggs. Highly respected for his film and television scores, Steve composed the music for the award-winning FX show, “Justified,” starring Timothy Olyphant.