Mike Post Luncheon


There was never a dull moment during ASMAC’s (September 2016) Luncheon with celebrated television composer Mike Post at Catalina’s in Hollywood. Don Peake handled the role of moderator with masterful ease. Mike and Don have a decades long bond and touched on some fascinating stories with Jackie Kennedy, Henry Mancini, Andy Williams, Ray Charles, Sonny & Cher, Pete Carpenter, Eddie Van Halen and how a beach towel battle in Hawaii turned into a TV composing gig.


Mike emphasized that his favorite role in music has been arranging and especially orchestrating with the great reward of hearing his music played by some of the great session players including several of the audience members. Don Peake pointed out that Mike was the first composer to receive a credit at beginning of a TV show starting a new industry standard acknowledging composers. The luncheon guests included several great composers and musicians who have worked with Mike over the years.