Steve and Julie Bernstein Master Class

March 8, 2017
Steve and Julie Bernstein presented a fantastic animation music master class that was very informative and entertaining. The halls of the Valley College were filled with some of the best animation music ever composed as Steve and Julie played video clips of their work on Animaniacs, Tom and Jerry and other fun projects.
To show the challenges of what an animation composer is faced with, Julie showed the scariest thing in the world for a composer which is a blank piece of score paper. Steve proceeded with playing a video clip of animation first without the music then with the music. They proceeded to discuss their approach and the parameters of the job which usually a tight deadline. 
Topics of the evening included the sketching process, working with virtual orchestras, horror music and it’s similarity to animation. Julie discussed how to safely write parodies of famous songs from musicals. Handouts were provided that showed the original song and Julie’s parody.
There was plenty of interaction from the audience which included Emmy award winning Animaniacs songwriter Randy Rogel and Danny Elman orchestrator Marc Mann. The attendees were treated with a USB stick that included several score and video examples of Steve and Julies work. A good time was had by all!
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