Special Guest Grant Geissman at ASMAC July 19th Luncheon

Guitarist and composer, Emmy Nominated Grant Geissman was the special guest at ASMAC’s luncheon July 19th at Catalina’s in Hollywood. Moderated by composer, arranger, instrumentalist Dan Ferguson, the luncheon guests were treated to behind the scenes details about how Grant started his career, who he worked with along the way, and his reflections on his many TV hits (including Two and a Half Men). Geissman co-wrote the music for all twelve seasons of the hit CBS-TV series Two and a Half Men and all six seasons of Mike & Molly. Grant was joined on stage by Dennis C. Brown – his co-writer on those two shows — and they enlightened the audience about special music they had to write for various episodes. Several pieces of music were played, along with video clips, to elaborate on some of the award winning compositions.

Grant talked about the now-iconic electric guitar solo on Chuck Mangione’s 1978 mega-hit “Feels So Good.” his life as a guitarist recording his own albums, and performing with major artists. He also played numerous selections from some of his 15 solo CDs and left the audience wanting more.