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This “members-only” video features Epilogue Media: Alex Levy, Mae Crosby Richard Kaufman (Conductor) and Jeff Kryka (Orchestrator) from the Wednesday, February 7, 2018 ASMAC First WEDNESDAYS event. [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

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Concert performances of orchestral film scores have become tremendously popular in the last few years. Alex Levy and Mae Crosby of Epilogue Media will be discussing the extensive preparation process that occurs behind the scenes of this exciting new genre. Their team has developed many standard practices in use, including the development of an iPad application that allows the conductor to run rehearsal directly from the podium. They were responsible for preparing and performing the first-ever live concert premiere of Star Trek Beyond in IMAX at San Diego Comic Con. Epilogue Media is currently responsible for the global tour of Star Wars in Concert.

Several technical challenges arise when adapting a film score to live concert. The last minute capabilities of modern post production can result in the original score having sections cut, combined, or altered in tempo and dynamics. Non-standard instruments, odd-number ensembles and electronic elements present additional challenges to a symphony orchestra. Preserving the original intent of the composer becomes a delicate process, requiring close collaboration between composers, orchestrators, and the music production team. Join us as we “pull back the curtain” on the preparation process of this new and rapidly growing art form.

Conductor Richard Kaufman and composer/orchestrator Jeff Kryka will join Epilogue Media and discuss the challenges of live orchestras performing film scores synchronized to picture.

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