Video: Sharknado composers

In this “members-only” video, the American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers (ASMAC) features Sharknado composers Christopher Cano and Chris Ridenhour who are joined by David Michael Latt co-founder of The Asylum, one of the world’s leading brand-oriented motion picture and television studios. [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

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This ASMAC event panel was moderated by renowned film composer Joe Kraemer known for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Jack Reacher and The Way Of The Gun.

The ‘Two Chris’ shared multiple clips from films they’ve done with Latt and the Asylum. Some attention to technical details were nice pearls as it relates to working collaboratively with other creators and a team of people holding each other in relationship and being responsible to that relationship. Finishing projects as promised and as expected is a shining feature of the music department the Asylum has assembled. A harmonious respect for each other’s integrity really comes forth when you hear these guys speak together freely.

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