Bernie Dresel & Bern Bern Bern

On Wednesday evening, October 3rd, 2018, jazz aficionados, musicians, arrangers and composers came together for an exciting “earful” evening from drummer and bandleader, Bernie Dresel’s latest album, “Bern Bern Bern.” Joining Bernie on stage were arrangers Nan Schwartz, Scott Healy, Jeff Bunnell, Brian Williams, Bill Cunliffe and James McMillen, all of whom contributed arrangements to the album and were now granting invaluable insights into the writing for jazz arrangements. Meanwhile, the “BBB” bandleader shared conceptual and background information on the various tracks, including the importance of adding a big flashy “ta-dum” moment.

Before and between the panel discussion, the audience was treated to a the rare opportunity to listen to the Blu-ray version of the album in full surround sound at Evergreen’s top-notch scoring stage in Burbank, which added a level of immediacy to the band’s performance unknown to traditional stereo sound.

Kim Richmond, former ASMAC President and current Advisory Board member, moderated a lively discussion between the panelists and the audience. Nearly every topic was fair game for the drummer, who also moonlights as a session drummer on film scores such as Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Despicable Me 3, to mention a few.

We all learned that Bernie’s hero was the one and only Buddy Rich. Hearing “Bern Bern Bern,” it is evident that Bernie has filled some mighty big shoes! His new album is a “must have” for everyone!