ASMAC Town Hall – Credit Where Credit Is Due

Thanks to everyone who made the Wednesday December 5th 2018 ‘Town Hall’ such a success – notably our co-panelists Liz Finch and Richard Bronskill. What we are trying to do is important, not only to ASMAC as an advocate for musical arrangers but to anyone who values fairness for creators. Definitions of what we do as Composers, Orchestrators, and the entire range of music prepare important to clarify if we are to achieve our goals. As we said, our first objective is to get arrangers included in the AFM contract so they may benefit from the same payments due to studio musicians and orchestrators. We heard some valuable ideas from our panelists and attendees and will incorporate them in our next version of the definitions. We look forward to moving forward soon – with a series of meetings. At that point perhaps we will have another Town Hall to discuss what we have achieved – and the future.

The Arranger’s Rights Committee
Richard Niles, Ira Hearshen, Hummie Mann