ASMAC First THURSDAY, May 2, 2019 at Valley College

6 May 2019

Score Big with a Small Team featuring Imre Czomba & Miklos Malek – Hosted by Gayle Levant, President of ASMAC

Imre Czomba is a highly respected multi award-winning Hungarian born composer, orchestrator and musician. He scored Twisted Sister (episode 1), The Tesla files and many other films. Imre also composed scores for theatre shows and is a double platinum award recipient as composer and arranger.

Miklos Malek, is a Hungarian born scoring mixer, producer and composer. His work has had worldwide sales that have exceeded 15 million units. He is credited as arranger / programmer for Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia, Dream, and M2M. Miklos worked on mixing, mastering and stem mastering for Armin Van Buuren, Alyx Ander and Shane 54. Both Miklos and Imre have been friends for many years.

Imre spoke about the importance of listening clearly to the director and producer in order to deliver what is needed for a particular project whether it is has a large or small budget. He emphasized the value of the spotting sessions with directors. He then went on to talk about tempos, different styles of music and the importance setting up the cues. From mock-up to the finished product, all of these steps result in an effective and efficient system of using technology to reduce cost and prepare for the studio recording with live musicians.

Miklos explained the importance of the set up of the musicians for an orchestral studio recording session for the best acoustical balance. He displayed a visual chart of suggested microphones to use for each instrument along with the positioning of the boom microphones. He then showed another chart with the placement of the orchestral instruments within the studio room to allow for a good balance when mixing.

Throughout the presentation, Imre and Miklos displayed videos they created on what type of effects, equalizers and compressors they would use and why they were important in order to have a great finished product explaining how it saves time which saves money.

In conclusion they displayed an excel sheet with details on the project and how it really assists in keeping track of the cues.

Imre provided his email to everyone in the event anyone would like to have a copy for themselves. His email is

Imre and Miklos have developed This is a service for up & coming composers to have an opportunity to showcase their true musical potential by providing everything they need for a world-class orchestral recording of their music at a very low cost to the composer.

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