ASMAC Sponsors Young Harp Player!


Dear friends,

ASMAC is proud to have sponsored Summer Arias, a ten year old child who would have never had the opportunity of experiencing the harp, a week of tuition by gifting her with our donation to cover the cost of attending a harp week course to learn this magnificent instrument. Even though she took violin lessons at her school, she was never taught to read music.

Included in the week of training, Summer was also introduced to the notation program, Dorico. She learned how to use the program and print out her music that she composed. She then learned to play her music on the harp. Carolyn Sykes, who is the head of the Camac Harps Showroom in Pasadena, California, was wonderful in teaching Summer her first hands-on experience on the harp, along with teaching her rhythm.

I was overjoyed to visit the class and see what Summer had learned in just a few short days! Her father was amazed at the new confidence in the way she carried herself after her very first day. She couldn’t stop talking about the harp the rest of the day and evening!

As President of ASMAC, I am so pleased that we could give this gift to Summer. We look forward to helping other children in the future!

Hugs to all,
Gayle Levant

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