Gayle Levant’s interview in The Guardian

I hope you enjoy this article written by London based, Sarah Woolley, that was published in the London newspaper, The Guardian. She interviewed me by phone for more than two hours about 10 days ago. There was so much laughter between us as I shared stories about my career through the years. She then asked, “How am I going to condense 2.5 hours of information into 800 words”? Well, I think she did a great job and I am so grateful to her for reaching out to me. This all happened because she wondered who had played the harp on Lana Del Rey’s new recording, “Doin’ Time” that was released just a few months ago. The young, very talented Andrew Watt was the producer. I had so much fun laying down many tracks for him to which he then added rhythm, strings, etc. and, of course, Lana’s terrific voice!

Hugs to all……. Gayle Levant

Here’s a link to the article: 

“My harp will go on: meet Gayle Levant, Hollywood’s favourite string-plucker”